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Bliss Tantric Massage Singapore: Heighten Your Wellbeing In Singapore

We live in a brisk, dizzying world. Almost all are moving in a fast and blurry fashion that sometimes we forget the very basic yet very important need in our daily existence—relaxation.

These days, who doesn’t work 40-hours a week (or more?)? Odds are everyone else you know experiences a droning home and work and back again daily, STRESSFUL routine. For those married and with kids, there is the added need to take care of the family.

The dullness, strain and weight of the obligations; both at home and at work tends to bite down on people and have a downbeat consequence on wellbeing. With all these being said, a potent stress-reliever and relaxation is very important to prevent chronic fatigue. When stress builds-up, it is time for you to take a break and recharge your life’s energy!


Tantric Massage: Blissful Massage To Help You Reinvigorate!

Yes, there are many and diverse therapeutic massage that have gained popular these days. All purports to have therapeutic and relaxing effect that claims to offer holistic relief that such massages bring. There is no doubt that many (including you!) have not experienced tantric massage and what this massage is and what’s in store for you.

In hindsight, tantric massage is a sensual, stimulating and erotic massage that has its roots in India where it has been practiced for more than 9 millennium ago. This massage focuses in keeping the balance and harmony of an individual’s energy. The main thrust of the massage is to align bodily energies for holistic wellbeing by opening and relaxing energy paths in order to purify and facilitate bodily healing.


Exhilarating Advantages Of A Professional Tantric Massage Singapore

A person requires having a break and respite from daily toil to prevent the build-up of physical, emotional and psychological strain. What better way to enjoy and relax than have a luxurious tantric massage. This massage is highly suggested for individuals in need of revitalization, relaxation and full pampering of the body, mind, and spirit.

What is in tantric massage that you need to indulge in it? Here are exquisite reasons why you need to consider splurging in this pleasurable tantric massage Singapore:

  1. Improves libido and increases stamina. This massage is excellent in improving and boosting sexual drive. It also helps to having an outstanding stamina to have prolonged erection. Surely, you don’t want your “thing” hanging down when it should be proudly standing up?
  2. Controls restlessness and high stress. The massage’s invigorating and blissful pleasure would immediately make you feel fully charged and in control. You would feel that stress has left you making you feel ready for next day’s challenges and workload.
  3. Stress reliever. This amazing massage helps release pent-up emotions and stresses thus reinvigorating and rejuvenating you!
  4. Stimulates and improves individual consciousness. Tantra highlights the importance of the body as the crucial path to achieve enlightenment of a person. Tantra massage focuses positive energies of the body for the transcendental accessing of the self by utilizing the body’s erotic regions.
  5. Helps develop and increase confidence towards self. Restores and heightens self-esteem towards the self by enabling self-discovery and by revealing the inner you.

So take a breather. Start rewarding yourself. Begin your journey towards a divinely pleasurable experience that can open and reveal the true you! Try our renowned blissful tantric massage today and appreciate the importance of the innermost desires in you!


In order to avoid any possible misunderstanding or disappointment please read these terms and conditions carefully. By booking Bliss Massage Singapore, you fully understand and agree with BLISSMASSAGE Terms stated below:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. All prices INCLUDE transportation fee within Central Singapore only, please request a quote for transportation outside this area.
  3. Kindly note in the unlikely event of cancellation on arrival of the masseuse fee of $100 will apply.
  4. Bookings outside BLISSMASSAGE opening hours (10am – 2am daily) may incur a $100 surcharge.
  5. BLISSMASSAGE reserves the right to refuse any client whose intent, behaviour or appearance is not consistent with our policies to prevent violation of our staff’s safety.
  6. The Bliss Massage Singapore is STRICTLY a massage AND WE DON’T PROVIDE SEXUAL SERVICES OF ANY KIND.

Before the massage

Please take a shower before your masseuses arrival.

Set the room temperature at a comfortable, warm level.

During the massage

On booking your Bliss Massage Singapore you agree to remain in a PASSIVE role.

After the massage

Please allow your masseuse to take a shower after finishing the massage, and provide a clean towel for their use.

Any breach of the agreed Terms may result in an immediate and permanent ban from our services. The above Terms apply equally and unconditionally to all clients.