Four Hands Massage

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Explore The Power Of A Pleasurable Four Hands Massage Singapore

Two is better than one but four is more than better than two! Four is the best among those two! What are we talking about? This is what’s in store for you when you try our very special and highly sensual and erotic massage called Four Hands Massage. Different therapeutic massages are popular nowadays because of its commended healing and relaxing effect. Of these many types of massages, is the highly acclaimed four hands massage that we at Blissful Massage offers that many should definitely try because its effects are way above from the traditional types of massages that almost everyone can encounter.

For the non-initiates; those that doesn’t have an inkling, four hand massage is one of the massages from the Ayurveda (Ayur = life and Veda = science or knowledge) developed by the sages of India over thousands of years ago. Four hand massage is also called as abhyanga.

As the name implies, four hands are used when undergoing this massage. Two highly trained and very competent masseuses are employed wherein these two expert masseuses work together, each one mimicking and paralleling each other’s actions and massaging the whole of the body of the receiver of the massage. The exhilarating and sensual effects of the massage is accentuated by four soft and loving hands of two masseuses that choreograph and synchronize each other’s tender touches wherein one therapist is taking the lead and the other following the other thus making the impression that both are doing the same thing simultaneously increasing the erotic stimulation of the body.

The four hands massage, when done well, allows you to shed the walls that negative energies, stresses and anxiety creates and allows you to have the feeling of being cocooned in an overwhelming erotic blissfulness elucidating a totally uplifting and warm feeling. Four hands massage is the massage highly recommended for highly stressed individuals that is looking for a totally new experience in rest and respite. It lets those stresses, bodily tensions and anxieties to seep out and releasing pleasant sensations run throughout the body and making you crave for more pampering.

Discovering The Erotic Splendour Of Four Hands Massage Singapore

In a four hand massage, two professional masseuses luxuriously work together harnessing each other’s tender touches and using harmonized movements and choreograph to a slow and precise touches using different paces and pressures to stimulate the body and release all the build-up stresses and emotions thus liberating the body, mind and soul of an individual. The effect is that the body explodes with unbelievable pleasure and the sensation is almost euphoric!

Four hands massage affords you the opportunity of enjoying four hands —that is two beautiful and professional masseuses — our goddesses of pure luxury and simple pleasure that will help you achieve an almost state of enlightenment through the simultaneously massaging and stimulating your bod. Our extremely professional goddesses will guide you to achieving divine pleasure like nothing you have ever achieved and experienced before. With our well-known four hands massage, you will be personally pampered, your body caressed soothingly and smoothly so that they will be giving you the superb relaxation and immeasurable pleasure that two professional goddesses can give and let you bask in sublime and simultaneous erotic pleasure.

While some sceptics might think that four hands massage is just a mere “sexual massage” but in all actuality four hands massage is much more than the erotic massage people thought of. Four hands massage Singapore is not just about the erotic or eroticism, but rather a means in incorporating corporeal reality with the spiritual part of a person to experience holistic pleasure and oftentimes, healing specially for male receivers of the massage. Healing in the sense that stress, anxiety and bottled emotions contributes to emotional, physical and spiritual imbalance that tends to have a negative effect to the body. Four hands massage can also benefit you by helping you discover the inner you. It lets you celebrate the joys of carnal and erotic pleasures and can be the basis in building stronger and warmer relationship with another human being.

With the wisdom of Indian’s sages through thousands of years condensing into the Ayurveda, four hands massage is an authentic method for the discovery of achieving a perfectly balanced mental and spiritual wellbeing through the subtle elevation of the different energy paths in the body. Of the major benefits of a four hands massage, one that stands out and is very crucial of overall wellbeing is the spiritual awakening. Four hand massage, being a form of the Ayurveda, follows the principle that for people to stay virile, vibrant and healthy, they must realize their full human potential. This means empowering a person to master and channel sexual energy and vigour to build a healthy and productive life.


Four hand massage affords the following benefits:

  1. Raises kundalini found at the spine’s base. It is the sexual energy; the life force in some cases, that translates to vitality, virility and pleasure. When the path of the kundalini is unblocked, it releases those energy surging throughout the body making the person feel relaxed and active.
  2. Stimulates the body’s chakra also located on the spine. It is an ancient belief that a man’s body has energy paths or channels. When properly stimulated, it helps in the proper healing of the body.
  3. Promotes healing physically, spiritually and emotionally. The release of tensions, anxieties and everyday stresses expels negative energies that blocks and prevents a person from healing and feeling relaxed and active. Four hands massage affords the massage’s receivers to release these unwanted energies and achieve a balanced and active wellbeing.
  4. Alleviate personal fears and brings peace, serenity and contentment. Four hands massage lets you feel at peace and relaxed. It relieves accumulated stresses and tensions thus allowing you to experience a sense of clarity and euphoria.
  5. Wiping out of physical illnesses and allergies. Four hands massage stimulates the body’s potent self-healing properties.

Unlock the power of four hand massage Singapore and know how this massage can invigorate yourself and release your build-up emotions and desires. Give us a call and book one of our well-known massages now!