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Tantric Massage Singapore

Tantric massage aims to increase sensuality and erotic pleasure. In this regard, tantric massage Singapore blends ancient techniques like meditation and Tantra breathing with erotic sensual massage. Through tantric massage, anyone can attain maximum pleasure. Tantric massage Singapore kicks off with a calm erotic massage that stimulates and arouses your body. It also relaxes your muscles. An erotic massage therapist ensures that she touches you in a soothing and pleasant way. She must also add a feeling of erotic and sensual. Through erotic massage, you can be able to enjoy a prolonged sexual pleasure leading to a powerful orgasm.

In order to help you attain top sensations erotically, sensual massage therapists combine aspects of Swedish, body to body and Tantric massage techniques. At the same time, your tantric massage Singapore therapist will stroke and touch you with objects such as brushes, silk scarves, feathers and satin fabrics. This is meant to enhance your erotic sensual experience. To top up each tantric massage setting, there is a yoni or lingam massage. The latter is for men while the former is for women. Both are capable of giving one a whole body orgasm.

As always, we are eager to give you a tailor-made tantric massage service. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any special fantasies or needs.

Ultimate Tantric Massage Singapore

This super sexy tantric massage caters for the needs of people who are seeking for top sensual pleasure in Singapore. The experience is quite enjoyable as it combines a seductive touch and close body contact together with three additional erotic tantric massage services. The three are reverse massage also known as yoni massage, lingam or happy ending massage and sacred spot massage. The last type focuses on prostrate stimulation. In case you have a different fantasy, you can try our soapy or erotic de-stress massage, foot fetish or tie and tease. You can mix and match the extra services in whichever way you want. For an ultimate tantric massage, fill us in on your needs. Tantric massage Singapore is here to gratify you by helping you attain the deepest sexual fantasies and obsession. We guarantee you total tantric pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

Lingam Massage Singapore – Full Body Happy Ending

If you have been searching for the most seductive massage in Singapore that caters for mature people, you are in the right place. By combining tantric massage and lingam massage, what you get is a happy ending massage! The full body version of this massage is famed for the way it ultimately makes you feel relaxed and gives intense erotic pleasure through the use of tantric massage methods. Your seductive massage mistress will use her skilled hands to arouse your sexual organ as well as the areas nearby. This leads to full body stimulation. Together with visualizations and breathing techniques, lingam massage Singaporeteaches you how you can prolong pleasure and control ejaculation. The end result is a mind blowing orgasm. By making a special request, your sensual massage mistress can give you prostrate massage (sacred spot massage) as part of the full body massage service.

Lingam massage service is highly recommended for people who experience premature ejaculations. These prehistoric tantric methods will show you ways of controlling your body. You also get to learn the way it reacts to when aroused in different ways. Even in the absence of psychological problems, Tantric lingam massage will show you how to control the way your body responds when stimulated in an erotic manner.

All our tantric massage Singapore services do have a lingam massage as the climax to the erotic massage sittings. If at all you feel like repeating the full body massage experience, an additional session will be added to the standard tantric massage session.

Sacred Spot (Prostate) massage

The prostate gland is what is also referred to as sacred spot. It the G-spot in males and is located between the anus and testicles. This spot can be stimulated internally or externally. The choice between internal or external stimulation will depend on your erotic nature. Our therapists can stimulate you in this area and lead you to enhanced orgasms. They will also train you on premature ejaculation control. Historically, prostate massage has been used as a way of improving libido and preventing or treating illnesses a good example being prostatitis. Married women in Japan are often taught how to incorporate this type of massage into their sex life. This is meant to boost their husbands’ sexual and physical health. Basically, prostate massage is capable of helping you attain strong orgasms and teach you on exercising control over ejaculation.

Sacred spot massage also helps relieve emotional and physical stress. Your gorgeous tantric massage therapist uses the kind of lubrication you prefer. If you like, she can also make use of a vibrator for increased sexual arousal. A combination of sacred spot and lingam massages often leads to intense orgasm that shakes the whole body. Lingam massage Singapore comes at the end of every erotic massage session and it is free.

Tantric massage Singapore offers Sacred Spot or prostate massage as an extra service. It can be jointly offered with Tie and Tease Singapore or erotic massage Singapore. For additional information, check our articles on tantric massage Prices and tantric massage Singapore.

Pamper Erotic De-stress (Soapy massage) Singapore

If you go through stressful situations daily, you could try Pamper Erotic De-stress or soapy massage. This remarkable and exciting massage Singapore makes use of a relaxing shower or bath. The journey starts with a soapy massage Singapore ritual. During the session, your body will be pampered and massaged with natural oils and soaps. This happens under calm candle lit surroundings. While relaxing in a bath, the sliding body massage therapist stimulates each body muscle leaving you fully comforted. A nude b2b (body to body) massage is also available on request. The beautiful mistress will stimulate your body using her naked body. The sliding body massage Singapore session proceeds to increase pleasure levels in one of most sexually stimulating tantric massage sessions you have ever been through.

As is the case with all erotic massage Singapore services, we throw in lingam massage. Owing to the sexy caresses you experienced in the b2b massage, you end up with a powerful body orgasm that shakes your entire body. Pamper erotic de-stress massage can be combines with other services we offer such as Tie and Tease (erotic or fetish). This will further satisfy your sexual fantasies and desires. Note that Pamper Erotic de-stress is tailor-made. Feel free to direct your questions and requirements to us.

Reverse (yoni) massage Singapore

As one category of male clients prefers relaxing in the fullness of a tantric massage, another group prefers to control proceedings by touching the sensual massage therapist. If you are one of those people who cannot resist the urge to touch your erotic tantric massage therapist, Tantric Massage Singapore does have an alternative service the reverse yoni massage Singapore. This is one of the extras we offer as a way of making your time with us special. There are men who enjoy making their massage therapists feel pleasurable. Others simply want to learn what it takes to carry out a sexy tantric massage therapy.

Our desire is that you have an enjoyable and fulfilling time having your fantasies satisfied. However, you must always remember to respect your massage therapist. Each has her limits beyond which you should not go. Our humble request is that you desist from fingering, pinching, biting or groping her. All the same, the erotic massage guru will let you know her no-go zone. Nonetheless, reverse yoni massage Singapore complements our other services such as the tantric massage and the ever popular lingam massage for happy endings in Singapore. Yoni massage (reverse massage) can be incorporated into the classic tantric massage, ultimate tantric massage Singapore and the bonus lingam massage Singapore.

Body to body Massage

This is the most decisive mode of sensual massage. Here the massage therapist uses her curvaceous naked body. She rubs it against your own in a manner that gives you unimaginable sexual pleasure. She makes her sexy naked body rub, glide and slide over every part of your body in order to give you sensual feelings. As she does this, she is also massaging your muscles. With such a combination of bodily pampering, you experience feelings of immense pleasure. Body to body massage is a unique technique that is not very common. Its popularity has been heightened by the combined therapeutic and erotic advantages.

Every client going for our sensual massage set of services gets a body to body massage singapore at no extra charge. Our general feeling is that all clients should experience this tantric massage procedure without having to pay for it. Make a special reservation for a massage therapist that you like. Let her sexy body rub against yours and experience the build up to a strong orgasm.

Four hands erotic massage

The four hands erotic massage Singapore is for those men seeking for double pleasure. In this package, two beauties act as your massage therapists. Try and visualize getting stimulated by four hands. Additionally, two gorgeous tantric massage mistresses get to rub their bodies against your own before they wind up with a lingam massage or happy ending. Now, that will give you intense orgasms. The care and attention you receive is similar to what you would have experienced had you opted for a tantric massage Singapore package. The only difference is that this time round, you experience enhanced pleasure. If you like, you can incorporate other services. Whether you want lingam, reverse yoni or prostate massages, we have them. Our four hands erotic massage Singapore is the most ideal sexual stimulation encounter. Talk to us since we are continuously creating more customized packages for our clients.

Note: Bliss Massage Singapore is not an escort agency and do not provide sexual services. Please refrain from asking your sensual tantric massage therapist for extra services.

  • Certainly there is physical contact between the therapist and client, without such contact Tantra could not exist.
  • We expect all clients to respect our therapist just like we have respected you.
  • Absolutely no sexual intercourse is permitted during session.