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Tantric Massage Singapore

The both words “tantra” and “massage” are as old as ancient times. Massages have being used in medical practices to relieve pain and improve wellness. On the other hand, tantra is about experiencing completeness/high stages of ecstasy. When we combine both we get Tantric massage in Singapore that uses the rituals and practices of tantra to reach your most natural completeness and oneness with yourself. Wonder how tantra works?

Tantra practices began in the middle of 1st millennium CE (1000 BC to 1 BC approx.) and continued evolving until it was correctly understood by a handful of gurus and teachers. A lot of people got interested in Tantra, some for the right reasons and others for the wrong ones. The idea to reach sexual ecstasy is the aftermath of practicing true tantric consciousness. Now you wonder what is true consciousness that is related with tantric energy?

Let’s Discuss Sexual Desire, Our Bodies and Need for Intimacy

We reach puberty at a very young age and since then we have a sexual desire in our hearts. Most often it doesn’t get expressed, misused, ill treated, suppressed, misunderstood, blocked, or simply un-channelized. There is a dire need to accept that sexual energy in us and to understand it too. Our tantric massage Singapore provides you with that chance to get healed from within and accepted.

The healing begins with freeing of blocked energies and with a free flow of energies within the body. Our bodies can feel at worst too quickly and likewise within 15 minutes of our Tantric Massage at Bliss tantra Singapore, you would start to feel vast improvement in your overall wellbeing.

In a lot of literature texts, it is said that your body is like a temple and we must take good care of it. Sexual energy is one of the most essential sources of divine energy to us and it is also one of the excellent ways to reach closer to timelessness. It is only possible to reach a state of total timelessness with complete awareness (to be 100% present/responsive), ease (acceptance of the other and self) and non attachment (free from ego and ownership).

Tantra serves many purposes for people from release of trapped energies, increased attention, and incomparable receiving from our experienced masseuse in Tantric Massage at Singapore.

Tantric Massage Singapore for a Complete Renewal of Energy Source

The need for intimacy is inherent in us and it is not just sexual intimacy we are talking about. It is only a part of the complete mystery. To become freely and non-judgmentally intimate with other (without the purpose of reaching somewhere/without need for any performance), you get to experience the hidden layers of relief, peace and love. With Tantric massage Singapore therapy/ritual, you becomes closer to accepting your sexual energy correctly and you receive an experience that heals you from the inside.

Getting a Tantric massage in Singapore from an experienced and trained masseuse is necessary for this and this is where Bliss Tantric Sensual Massage Singapore are your go to place for it. All our Tantric massage masseuses in Singapore are well trained in Tantra massage and they fully understand the hundred of nuisances related with tantra techniques, process and rituals. Contact us today for receiving an authentic and out of the world Tantric massage in Singapore.